Beyond the “Project”

I provide Web design, complete Web development, essential Web marketing, and complete Web maintenance services for the small to medium-sized business.

I am a JavaScript, PHP, ColdFusion, PERL, and ASP programmer. I am an RTML (Yahoo Store) and client-side programming (DHTML) expert. I’m also experienced with WordPress and Movable Type. I’m experienced with page layout, usability design, and art production. As such, I can help you extend your current branding.

My experience is broad. If you need it, I can probably provide it, if I can’t, I will help you find someone who can. More importantly, I’ll help you choose the technology that’s most appropriate for your organization, even if that’s a service provided by someone else. And most importantly, when that “someone else” has finished their part of the “project” and is long gone, I will still be there to maintain it for you.